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Welcome to the Food Fight!

Food is not only a fuel to help you accomplish daily tasks, but it is also a tool that can be used to create a long and healthy life. You encounter "food fights" every day- the choice between packed lunch or the drive thru, cooking dinner or ordering in, even grabbing the donuts off the shelf or choosing granola.

Win the fight against chronic illness by utilizing food in a way that works for YOU.

These customizable programs will help you improve food knowledge, understand your personal health history, and utilize food for what it innately is- medicine.

This might be for you if...

You're overwhelmed.

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There is SO MUCH information out there on health and wellness. Unfortunately,  a lot of what's out there just isn't true.

You don't have to give up your favorite foods or stop eating at a certain time to find true health. Enjoying life, having more energy, and feeling your best are what you want, right?

What is a Food Fight℠?

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Begin In The Gut

The first step in each Food Fight for a very specific reason...

Your gut impacts your hormones from head to toe. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and inflammation ALL have ties back to the gut!


Weaken Inflammation

Each course has a module on inflammation. Why? Well... 

Inflammation is the root of all disease. Like gut health, there is a module dedicated to inflammation in EACH Food Fight.


Leverage Results

Have you ever heard of habit stacking? It's a big part of Food Fights℠ courses.

Habit stacking helps you achieve bigger goals more quickly by making small, sustainable changes.


Embrace Your Body

In order to see results, you must appreciate the place you're starting from.

Food Fights give you the tools to embrace your body where it's at, while also setting and achieving the goals you may have to improve it.


Enhance DNA

You CAN enhance your DNA through food. But your DNA makes you uniquely different..

That's why you have live coaching sessions within the program to help customize each concept and meal plan.


Leave a Legacy

On the note about can change the genetic expression of your grandchildren, too...

When your genetic expression changes, it sets off a chain reaction to improve the lives of generations to come.

Food Fights Diabetes℠

Did you know that diabetes, PCOS, and insulin resistance are all controlled by the same hormones?

During this 8-week Food Fight, you'll learn how to balance your hormones so that your body can manage blood sugar, reduce fat stores, AND improve your energy levels.

Diabetes Nutrition Tips

Food Fights Cancer℠

There are an estimated 18.5 million people in remission from cancer right now. That number is estimated to grow to 22.5 million by 2032. How many millions of people could be removed from that list entirely by focusing on eating for cancer prevention instead of only treating it after it's developed...? This Food Fight℠ teaches you how to avoid becoming one of those 22.5 million.


Food Fights Inflammation℠

The reason so many people experience inflammation is because there are exponentially more inflammatory triggers in our world than there were even 50 years ago. But what if instead of removing foods you love, you could simply add in more anti-inflammatory agents to improve your energy?


Food Fights Heart Disease℠

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the United States. It's also 90% preventable through lifestyle factors. If you could invest 8 weeks of your life to add upwards of 20 years to it, that would be a worthwhile investment, wouldn't it? The best part about eating to prevent heart disease is that you leave a legacy of heart health behind you, and change the narrative for your family members.


Want it all?

Go All In on your health.

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