Meet the Team

Bailey French
Founder + CEO
Nutritional Scientist + Counselor


Bailey French is a nutritional scientist and nutrition counselor, as well as a small business owner. As a Purdue University Global graduate, Bailey's education focused on how food interacts with all aspects of the body, inside and out, to impact your health. Bailey has experience in all aspects of nutrition education from herbal supplementation to cellular digestion and is excited to share this information with those who are looking for real wellness transformation. Her unique and individualized approach ensures that clients gain the tools they need for lasting success. 

Bailey started Be Well Health and Wellness Consultants to honor her mom (a stage IV ovarian cancer survivor) and others who could have avoided chronic illness with proper nutrition intervention. Her mission for Be Well HWC is to bring total body wellness to the masses by offering science based health education that's affordable for all.

"The new wave of health and wellness is here, and I am proud to be on the forefront of it. Thank you for trusting us with your future, we are so honored to serve you!"



Nutrition for Chronic Illness

Plant-based Nutrition

Nutritional Supplements

Science Based Nutrition Coaching

Eating Well on a Budget

Tony Di Giuseppe
Individual Fitness Consultant
Personal Trainer + Fitness Programmer


Tony Di Giuseppe is a well rounded Health and Fitness professional with experiences from every aspect of training. He graduated from Shepherd University with his B.S. in Health promotion and Exercise science. He has also been certified through NASM for the last 3 years and is a Kettlebell Athletics Level 1 coach. Tony has lost over 100 pounds and has geared his personal weight loss into the science/ function of the human body. Through injury and corrective exercise he has allowed himself to focus on the body mechanics, technique, and key details when it comes to programming for his client. He does not only give you the results you want, but helps your body get what it needs! Tony is here to help clients achieve their goals with full confidence in their program, and inspiring a positive change in their mental and physical health!

Tony recently started Toned Fitness and is excited to consult with BWHWC clients to help more people reach their fitness goals.



Weight Management

Exercise Education

Individualized Fitness Programs

Corrective Exercise + Hypertrophy

Form + technique/injury prevention

Desi Stapleton
Individual Fitness Consultant
Personal Trainer + Fitness Programmer


Desi Stapleton is a passionate fitness and athletic professional who is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor, and local High School Women’s Soccer coach where she focuses on strength, conditioning, and mobility for the team. 
 Her unique approach combines holistic practices and athletic concepts to help all clients have educated, realistic, and successful goals for themselves. Her personal experiences with athletics, overtraining, and body image drive her individualized, realistic approach to fitness. 
Whether she is working with an athlete to improve their mobility and decrease injury risk, educating a client on how adaptogens improve their stress response, or creating a functional fitness program balanced with recovery and challenging exercises - empowering the client is always at the core of what she does! 
She is excited to motivate, educate, and empower clients on their wellness journey and to help them unveil their inner and outer strength with Be Well HWC.


Eccentric strength training for maximal hypertrophy​

Individualized fitness programming and coaching 

Women's health  

Athletic mobility and injury prevention 

Holistic health/fitness supplementation

Gabriella Di Giuseppe
Individual Fitness Consultant
Wellness Counselor + Yoga Instructor


Gabriella is a 200-hour certified yoga teacher, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and dancer/choreographer currently living and teaching in New York City. She graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Dance and Dance Education from the University of Maryland, College Park. Gabriella believes that through movement, we are able to gain a deeper understanding of what is already inside of us; mentally, emotionally, and energetically. Helping others find a mind-body connection is what fuels her. In Gabriella’s class, you can expect to utilize physical postures, breathwork, meditation, and intention-setting. Expect to sweat, and to finish your practice feeling grounded, centered and refueled.

Gabriella is excited to begin working with Be Well HWC to offer a new and different way to experience wellness. She's most looking forward to opening the door of yoga practice to a new community of people!



Yoga + dance instruction

Exercise Education

Individualized Fitness Plans

Wellness education

Exercise for Health Promotion