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The Be Well HWC Story

Bailey French
Founder + CEO
Nutritional Scientist/Nutrition Counselor


Bailey French is a nutritional scientist and nutrition counselor, as well as a small business owner. As a Purdue University Global graduate, Bailey's education focused on how food interacts with all aspects of the body, inside and out, to impact your health. Bailey has experience in all aspects of nutrition education from herbal supplementation to cellular digestion and is excited to share this information with those who are looking for real wellness transformation. Her unique and individualized approach ensures that clients gain the tools they need for lasting success. 

Bailey started Be Well Health and Wellness Consultants to honor her mom (a stage IV ovarian cancer survivor) and others who could have avoided chronic illness with proper nutrition intervention. Her mission for Be Well HWC is to bring total body wellness to the masses by offering science based health education that's affordable for all.

"If there's one thing I know, it's that your genetics are a comma, not a period. It is an honor and privilege to help people take their control back and ditch the phrase "it runs in the family"!"



Nutrition for Chronic Illness Management and Prevention

(Cancer, Heart Disease, T2 Diabetes, Gut Inflammation, Autoimmune Conditions)

Nutritional + Herbal Supplementation

Science Based Nutrition Counseling

Eating Well on a Budget

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