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Befriending Body Image

We all struggle with it. Stop hiding from the camera and start implementing these self-care tools!

Everyone is always talking about summer being hard on body image, but there's something to be said about the winter holidays, too.

No matter what your season looks like this year, you're probably on camera a lot more than you have been in the past. Either on zoom or in photos with your little fam, you want to look and feel your best. And you should!

We have to talk for a second before we dive into some tips, though.

Because I see you wanting to make healthier choices and lose a few pounds, but I also see you eyeing that "30 day reset" challenge and the tiny little containers to control your habits. But did you know that those programs and products and calorie restrictions have no basis to actually be good for you, and are typically dangerous to both your physical and mental health?

Facts about diets (aka ANYTHING that promotes enormous groups of people to eat in the same manner or replace food with specific supplements):

-They are not designed to be sustained over your lifetime. Longevity IS health.

-Restrictive eating plans are not scientifically founded (basically only gain popularity because "it worked for me").

**Research is done after they've been implemented on a larger group. You will rarely find a restrictive eating plan that follows what research already shows to be most healthful to the body.

-Most of them are not actually healthy at all as weight is only a small part of a healthy body.

-Plans or programs or products that suggest that supplements of any kind can provide adequate nutrition on their own are inaccurate and detrimental to the metabolism.

-They're almost never created by or supported by actual nutrition professionals.

-They thrive when people believe they are not good enough.

Facts about a healthy body:

-It may not always look toned + firm.

-Body fat (about 20% for men, about 27% for women) is actually necessary for optimal health and temperature regulation.

-Labs + energy are MUCH more telling than the number on a scale.

-It looks and is achieved through different intakes and exercises for each and every different person.

Negative body image is a direct result of diets and diet culture. It's so hard to get rid of because we've programmed it into our brain waves.
People did not compare themselves or think less of themselves before others started believing that they are superior just because of their pants size or some "magic bullet" that helped them feel a little better for a little while.

Wanting to be thin is NOT the same as wanting to live in your healthiest place.

As a health professional, I have to differentiate the two and let you know that anything that makes you feel uncomfortable about eating a certain food is not something that will get you to your healthiest self.

So. With all that being said.

Here's how you can start to beat the body image blues by Christmas next week!

1. Gratitudes.

This has SO MUCH POWER! Follow along on Instagram as we share 7 gratitudes for you to choose each morning through Christmas! Starting your day on a positive thought changes the frame of your mindset (the same happens for negative thoughts- just remember that!)

2. Buy yourself something BEAUTIFUL.

It could be a necklace, pair of earrings, sweater, shoes- anything that makes you feel beautiful with it on! Maybe you already have something in your closet that you just don't wear because it's "extra" or not the occasion for it. I challenge you to wear it anyway! The rush of dopamine from seeing yourself in something you love on you will be a game changer for your thinking!

3. Dance to your favorite song when no one is around.

Dancing (i.e. movement) makes your brain happy. When your brain is happy, it's easier to see the good parts of you and things around you. Bonus points if you don't look in the mirror and just enjoy yourself.

4. Read a book or watch a movie that makes you happy.

Catching onto a theme here? Body image is basically a figment of the imagination- something created by us. If we can drown it out with happy thoughts and feelings, then we are one step closer to being in a healthy mind space. We get to decide what takes residence up there.

5. Eat nourishing, health promoting foods a few extra times.

These foods not only make you feel good on the inside, but they can also help immediately reduce inflammation and bloating that may be contributing to some undesirable outcomes. Check out our recipe blogs for some ideas!

6. Call up an old friend or family member; remember better days.

Back at it again with the mind games 😉 But for real- you can help yourself AND help someone else with this one. We are in an unprecedented season right now. You never know how much someone may really need to hear from you today.

7. Drink more water and take a short walk each day.

You had to know this one was coming! Take physical action steps toward your goals. And no, I don't mean drinking the detox tea. Start with small things like walking your block or aiming to drink an extra two glasses of water each day. By Christmas (in one week!!!!🤩🎅🏼🎄), I'm certain you'll start to notice a difference in both how you feel and how you look. We often push our bodies so hard that we don't even realize how much a short walk and being hydrated can alter our body composition!

We know that body image is a tough demon to tackle. We all came from that place before we found what worked for us. We're here for you.

If you need additional support around the holidays, we would be honored to be your friend when you need one!

We are open for limited spaces in our Holiday Support Coaching program. If you're ready to kick bad body image to the curb and reclaim your confidence this holiday season, grab one of these hands on spots! You'll leave with the tools that you need to succeed in the new year!

We believe in you, friend.

You may need a little more help to get started, but that doesn't mean you're any less worthy of starting.

Wishing you love and light as the days get darker- know you're not alone ❤️


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