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Cancer Awareness ➡️ Cancer Prevention

Awareness isn't enough. Join us today in pledging to live a life of prevention! Let's take our knowledge + awareness and turn it into action.

In October, we are told to #thinkpink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

We think it is AMAZING to bring awareness and promote self care, however; we think it's gotten a tiny bit out of control.

Here's the thing. Breast cancer is a big deal. But so is every other type of cancer.

Our owner, Bailey, was inspired to start this wellness coaching business because of her mother's battle with stage 4 ovarian cancer. It might sound a little selfish, but shouldn't those women get a special month decked out in teal, too?

Politics and opinions aside, we as a team have really adored the NFL's Crucial Catch program- one that honors and supports early detection of ALL cancers. The program allows players to wear different colored accessories during their designated Crucial Catch game and share their story of how different cancers have impacted their life.

This is a phenomenal start- but it can't end here.

Prevention doesn't happen by just knowing the signs, symptoms, and ways to get tested- it takes daily action + thoughtful changes.

Below are our best pieces of advice to reduce your risk of developing cancer through a balanced lifestyle:

Reduce Inflammation

Through Exercise:

Researchers have discovered that just 20 minutes of moderate exercise is enough to trigger anti-inflammatory effects. That's right, you don't need to engage in rigorous, lengthy workouts to see the benefits!

When we move our bodies, sympathoandrenergic activation occurs. This is our 'fight or flight' response. Norepinephrine and epinephrine are released, and cytokine and monocyte production is suppressed. Cytokines and monocytes are specialized proteins that help us fight off infection. While these proteins are very important for a healthy immune system, too many of them circulating in our system can cause chronic inflammation which leads to disease!

Bottom line is: regular, moderate exercise keeps our immune system working properly, and keeps inflammation under control. A happy immune system means a healthy body!

With Foods:

Most foods have an affect on inflammation, either positive or negative. This unit is measured by the Inflammatory Effect Score Chart. This chart compares the effect score of multiple foods and helps us find good ways to not only reduce inflammatory foods, but also increase our intake of anti-inflammatory foods!

Some are a bit more tricky than others (like alcohol- it can have both a positive and negative response on our inflammation markers), however; it mostly goes like this:

When foods have a negative score on the Inflammatory Effect Score Chart, they have a higher ability to reduce inflammation markers in our bodies.

It's so cool!

Next time you make your morning eggs, try adding turmeric (the most powerful anti-inflammatory food source) + be sure to add some veggies- fiber is the second most anti-inflammatory food source!

The third most powerful anti-inflammatory is...wait for it...WINE!

Technically it's flavones + flavonoids, but no one needs to know that part! 😉

Enhance Your Environment

Environmental factors play a HUGE role in our risk of many diseases.

Three easy ways to enhance your environment include:

  1. Switch to cleaner cleaners. Most household cleaning products contain toxic ingredients and endocrine disruptors. When we remove these from our daily exposure, we allow our bodies to focus more on natural body regulation as opposed to detoxification of harmful materials. We use dōTERRA cleaning products and ALWAYS read the ingredients labels on anything we get from the store!

  2. Stress kills. Reducing your stress levels can decrease your risk of heart disease, chronic chest pain, blood sugar levels + diabetes, cancer, brain disease, and more. I know it's difficult, but take time to rest + reset after every day! Turn your phone off, read your bible, drink some water, watch a movie, just do one little thing each day to refuel your fire!

  3. Incorporate self care EVERY DAY! Something as small as sitting at the table to eat dinner, diffusing your favorite (high quality) essential oils before bed, or being firm about your boundaries surrounding work time and family time can not only improve your self image, but also lower stress and provide a restorative space in your home where your mind and body feels at ease and is allowed to return to homeostasis (balanced state of being)

Get Familiar with Family Risk

This tip can, quite literally, save your life!

As previously mentioned, Bailey's mom had cancer. She beat it and is currently 3 years cancer free, but she could have avoided a lot of pain and treatment if she had known how serious her risk was.

She had two previous generations on her paternal side diagnosed with cancer, and she was assured that there was no link because it was from her father.

Spoiler alert: that is SO NOT TRUE!!!!

If you have ANYONE in your blood line who has had cancer or has an increased risk of cancer (or any disease, really,) you HAVE to be aware and get checked earlier than normal.

If it's in your genetics, it doesn't matter who it came from.

Be your own advocate. Stand up for your health. Get tested and treat your body as if you are actively trying to prevent disease every single day. Use the above steps to incorporate simple health-promotion daily!

Take Advantage of a Healthy Body

Your ability to eat well, move your body, and appreciate whatever space you have is a gift and must be treated as one.

I encourage you to make a list (right now!! Stop reading!) of all the things you are thankful for. This can include a healthy body, a happy home, a safe place to get your rest, the ability to say no to addictive habits, and anything else that places value on your health and well-being.

This list should be displayed where you can see it so that you can remember it often and be motivated by it constantly- knowing how capable you are makes it much easier to work towards your goals. Help yourself remember how worthy you are of health!

These are just a few things you can start implementing today to begin to reduce your risk for developing cancer. It doesn't have to be such a scary word!

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