Crash Course: The Immune System

This is a VERY hot topic, but I'm not sure why. Shouldn't we always be worried about our immune system? I mean, it does regulate almost every process in our bodies...

The Immune System- what is it?

The human immune response is classified with the lymphatic system. Unlike other systems such as the respiratory and circulatory systems, our immune system doesn't technically live in specific areas or organs of the body.

What's really fascinating is that the immune system is a part of every living cell in our body. That's both really exciting and really scary.

It's exciting because that means we have the ability to improve cellular health and boost our immune system while improving our overall health at the same time.

It's scary because that means the power to improve our immune response is almost entirely in our hands 🤯

Now, before you go and get all "I have a compromised system" or "I have a pre-existing condition" on me- hear me out.

I know. I understand. I hear you.

But that is just an excuse. And it's not your fault.

Whether or not you have full immune function or reduced immune function from existing conditions or other circumstances, you CAN improve the immune response you do have. It's straight up science. 🚫🦠

I don't say that to be mean or make you think you're lazy or anything of the sort. I say that because we, as a society, have been trained to believe that the power to completely alter our bodies and organ systems systems is out of our hands without the help of medications or medical intervention. Today, friend, you get to take that power back!

Stop right here and make a decision: are you going to let the fear and difficulty of this task hold you back, or are you in a space where you can acknowledge that your ability to live a healthier life is worth the effort?

If you chose the second option- keep on reading!

How To: Improve Your Immunity

Our immune system is made up of two responses- innate and adaptive.

Innate immune response is our natural response (the one we can improve) that stays on guard always and eliminates any bacteria or virus that enters the body. Innate immuity prevents you from contracting a disease even if you come in contact with it.

Adaptive immunity is the one most people are more familiar with because of the largely taught "herd immunity" concept behind vaccines. Adaptive response is a second