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Healthy Eating Anywhere

As summer ramps up and we are getting closer to vacations, weekend trips, and outdoor activities, it's the BEST time to remind you that healthy eating doesn't have to be so hard!

My friends and I took a camping trip last weekend and it dawned on me that not everyone knows what "healthy options" really look like. We grab protein bars and skip meals because we want to stay on track.

While this is what we've been taught, those tricks may actually set you back. Keeping up with your calorie intake and including carbs, fat, protein, and fiber at every meal is what will keep you satisfied and keep your metabolism running smoothly.

To help you stay on track and feel confident in your food choices anywhere you are, I'm sharing a few of my most simple tips today on how to make healthy choices even when you're on the go!


Starting your day with a carbohydrate, fat, and protein source will keep you full for longer AND support your "wake up" period. When you skip breakfast and go straight for the coffee, you not only spike your blood sugar (if you add sugar or creamer to your coffee), but you also spike your stress hormone cortisol. Having coffee with your food will decrease the incidence of both of those things.

On-the-go breakfast ideas:

  • tortilla, egg, cheese

  • toast, sausage/bacon, fruit

  • Greek yogurt, fruit, low-sugar cereal or granola

  • hard-boiled egg, fruit, hash brown


Is it just me, or does lunch have two levels: not hungry at all or starving to death??

Having a balanced breakfast will help your body make it more of a sliding scale, and since you'll be gradually hungry, you'll be better able to make health promoting choices instead of grabbing whatever is closest.

On-the-go lunch ideas:

  • sandwich w/ leftover pulled chicken, spinach, cheese, pair with veggies and dip

  • wrap with lunch meat or tuna salad, greens, cheese, and mayo, pair with chips of choice

  • graze box with nuts, hard-boiled egg, veggies, fruit, crackers


Dinner can be hard, and it does take a bit more planning than other meals. But that doesn't mean it has to cause stress! For dinners, I always recommend making a plan or itinerary before you leave, about a week in advance. I practice this so much that my boyfriend actually initiated that meal itinerary for the camping trip! 😍

It saves time, reduces stress, and allows you to feel confident in your choices.

On-the-go dinner ideas:

  • burgers/hot dogs with bun + condiments, pre-made salad kit, corn on the cob

    • plan ahead: keep protein in a cooler, bring a mixing bowl with a lid, focus on having a protein, carb, and fat source with fiber whenever possible!

  • teriyaki chicken kabobs with veggies, pasta salad w/ diced veggies

    • plan ahead: dice chicken ahead of time and marinate in a ziplock bag, add as many small chop veggies to pasta salad as possible to make it macronutrient balanced on its own (can also use bean based pasta to increase protein content)

  • salmon packs with rice and vegetable soup

    • plan ahead: use a can of soup, bring aluminum foil and sliced lemons (double use- wash before you cut and add it to your water, too!), pre-cook rice or bring quick-cook options that can go in a microwave or a pot over the fire

  • scope out the area

    • plan ahead: look up where you'll be. Is there a restaurant you can make a reservation at? Go ahead and check the menu and start to choose a few options that will help you meet your goals and still enjoy your meal


Snacks are the most fun! They just taste better on vacation. Snacks seem to be the point of most stress, though, possibly for that same reason...

Whether you choose to make these yourself or pick it up at the store, remember that veggies with dip still incorporate more veggies, overeating trail mix still gives you valuable omega fatty acids, and cheese and crackers can still fit in a healthy balanced day.

On-the-go snack ideas:

  • trail mix (measure out 1/4c into baggies OR buy pre-portioned bags for a trip!

  • beef jerky with crackers

  • pretzels and hummus

  • veggies with dip

  • cottage cheese w/ fruit or veggies

  • apple slices with peanut or almond butter

  • cheese stick w/ fruit

  • chips/crackers w/ hard-boiled egg

Eating on the go can be scary, but now you have a few tools to focus on for your next trip!

If this was helpful, let me know! Send me a message on Instagram and let me know if you could benefit from a "Healthy Eating On The Go" webinar. The webinar includes better Fast Food choices, snacks I always keep on hand, and more!

Small choices every day DO make a difference- eliminate stress from your life with these simple steps for healthier choices. 💙

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