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How to: Trust Your Gut

In health, relationships, and all other things. This is arguably one of the most important aspects of personal growth.

Here at Be Well HWC, we are all about total body wellness, simplified.

That includes mental + emotional wellness, too.

Today, I want to chat a bit about the importance of believing in yourself and trusting your gut.

I believe that those things that really just move you or make a task seem really easy or natural are things straight from God. I experience this A LOT, yet sometimes I STILL struggle with just doing the things that I know in my heart I need to do.

For example; this past week I have been running a nutrition education course on the immune system. It's been awesome.

On Monday morning (literally three hours before the course kicked off) I changed the whole flow of the course, shifted the content, and changed a lot of what is being learned now.

I got a text yesterday from a participant thanking me for pouring into the group- for sharing valuable information and that she's learned so much already.

Would she have still gotten as much value if I had kept the course the way I originally planned? Maybe. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Was it a lot of work and energy to alter the course the day it started? Heckkk yes 😅

Does it feel more aligned now that I've changed the course and have a solid blueprint for future nutrition education courses? AbsoLUTELY! 🙌🏻

My point is this: there are plenty of things in life that are "fine" the way we plan to do them, or even the way we do them the first time. That does NOT mean it's the final product, and it does NOT mean it makes you any less than because it wasn't "right" the first time.

In my opinion, it actually makes you more than.

Now I'm not saying you should strive to make things better last minute. We should work really hard to stay ahead and focus on doing our best the first time around. That's the only way you'll be able to make adjustments last minute on some things IF they are needed. What I am saying is that the ability to pivot your thinking and shift your perspective is a massive growth tool. And knowing the difference between shifting something to add value and shifting something because you're a perfectionist is a pretty powerful tool, too.

This takes a good bit of practice and you almost always need to learn to untie your emotions from the action (which is very very very hard for a lot of people 🙋🏼‍♀️). But what I've found is that when you begin to care more about serving people, advancing the Kingdom of God, and growing into the best version of yourself, the task of changing things so that they do more for others becomes a lot easier and much more rewarding.

Whether you believe in God or the universe or something else or nothing, know that you are beautifully and wonderfully made, which means that every single thought that comes from your head is such as well.

Your ideas deserve to be shared! The world needs your voice!

So, my encouragement to you today is this; the next time you feel a tug on your heart or a churning in your gut, take a step back and really listen. Dive into it and explore.

Change the course. Switch up your website. Call a friend. Reach out to that person you're intimidated by. Have the hard conversation with your boss.

Friend- you can do ALL things through He who gives us strength. Don't waste that opportunity any more.

You are so worthy of doing and being all the things you want to be.

Love always,


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