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Individuals Deserve Individuality

"We all know that men's and women's bodies are compositionally different, so shouldn't we be training differently?"

This is a 🔥H O T🔥 topic in the wellness industry. So we are decoding the science for you!

Many trainers and nutritionists will tell you that males and females can train similarly, if not the same, for certain goals. We personally think this is one of the main issues within the wellness world...

Individuality has been lost over recent years- but we don't think it's been intentional.

Let's start with the differences between professionals.

There's a time and a place for all of them, but you HAVE to do your research to be sure you're getting the care and services that your unique body needs.

You will know right off the bat if you are working with a qualified professional - if their main focus is on making you feel a certain way as opposed to looking a certain way.

The truth is, every body is different and we can't all achieve the same physique. Nor should we be striving to.

Especially recently, social media has been flooded with non-experts trying to encourage you that their product or service works for ANYONE and EVERYONE because they want to make a quick buck. This is wrong and this is DANGEROUS.

Here's the deal.

Your body has DNA unlike anyone else in the world.

If you're getting cookie cutter, works-for-everyone, supplement-based advice from an "expert", it's time to look for a new expert.

By the way- an expert should have an actual education in their field of study. Not a 4-10 week training course or a 2 hour certification test.

We're talking years of education, research, and experience. That's what makes an expert- in ANY field.


We all know that men and women have different dominant hormones, but few of us know that our hormones play a major role in how we are able to absorb and store different nutrients.

This is why you'll see people with damaged thyroid (a hormone producing gland) experience major weight fluctuation or you'll see fat accumulation in unlikely places when a male has lower than normal testosterone levels.

Our hormones also determine how we are able to best use different nutrients.

Estrogen makes women better suited to complete endurance workouts, while testosterone makes men better suited for shining during short-burst strength exercises.

That doesn't mean we can't do the thing we're not best suited for, but it does mean that exercising may be easier to enjoy when we take these facts and incorporate them into an individualized exercise plan.


The largest misconception in health is that we've been taught to believe that we have to earn things we love by doing things we maybe don't like.

The reality is that our bodies can be working for us 24 hours a day instead of the other way around.

It's necessary to put in hard work to see results, but it's unhealthy to become so focused on counting calories in vs. calories out that you don't find joy in movement or eating anymore.

There are foods that we can eat and ways that we can move to not only normalize our hormone levels to live in peak capacity, but there is no way to know exactly what that means for YOU until your nutrition professional has your full history and information.

That's why we focused on individualized wellness at BWHWC.

Your body is different in SO many ways and we honor, respect, and appreciate that!

That's why we are a team made up of male and female personal trainers, corrective exercise specialists, nutritional scientists, and community mental health specialists.

We value your uniqueness as much as you should so that we can help you achieve your results in a sustainable and healthy way.

That's why we created Beast Mode Masterclass.

Focused on men's health at all fitness levels, this masterclass will teach you how to nourish your unique needs so that you can achieve your healthiest self.

If you're someone who hates going to the gym because you're always comparing yourself to others, or if you feel like you're not living up to your full potential, then Beast Mode was made for you.

You'll get individualized fitness and nutrition advice, a welcoming (and mildly competitive 😉) community of other men to work alongside, weekly group coaching on fitness and nutrition education, and so much more.

For more information or to reserve your spot in this limited availability course, visit:

If you're not sure if this is the program for you, schedule a discovery call by visiting:


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