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Inflammation- It's Not All Bad!

Contrary to popular belief, inflammation isn't always a bad thing.

The process of inflammation includes white blood cells streaming in large quantities to a certain area of the body. If everything is working right, then this process should occur any time you get an injury.

Inflammation is a process designed to heal. The white blood cells influx to the injured area, work their magic, and speed up the recovery process. White blood cells are fixers- they help us get better any time we have a cold or infection.

So why does inflammation get such a bad rap?

Every day, we are exposed to inflammatory agents in our laundry detergent, the air, our shampoo and face wash, and even our food.

We know that we have to clean ourselves and get fresh air every day, so some of these things aren't avoidable.

When we come into large quantities of inflammatory agents every day OR when we experience stress or trauma that induces a chronic illness, inflammation itself can become a chronic process. It doesn't know when to shut itself off.

This causes a problem because when our white blood cells work too hard, they may start to "fix" things that don't need fixing. This creates the swelling and discomfort we're used to experiencing with inflammation.

Chronic inflammation can interfere with blood test readings, it can trigger autoimmune disorders, it can cause fatigue and pain, and many other symptoms. do we fight against that "bad" kind of inflammation?

Check out this podcast episode for all the details! Tony and Bailey share more on inflammation, what we should do instead of rest, ice, compression, and elevation, and the top anti-inflammatory foods you can incorporate into your daily diet to fight the negative impacts of inflammation.

It's almost impossible to eliminate all sources of inflammation. Practicing moderation, being conscious of what's in your personal care products, and combating with anti-inflammatory foods, herbs, and spices can reduce your risk of developing chronic inflammation and greatly reduce the symptoms associated with it.

It's important to note that not everyone has inflammation in their bodies.

Diet culture and supplement companies love to convince people that they're sick because that's how they make money.

Most of the time, you don't need to be supplementing or treating for anything until you're diagnosed with the condition, and the same goes for inflammation.

While everyone can benefit from incorporating anti-inflammatory foods and movement styles into their life, maintaining balance and enjoying your days should be your primary focus.

If you haven't yet, click here to listen to the Healthy is Hard Podcast episode on Inflammation!

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The best opinion is an educated one...take the time to learn about inflammation today!


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