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Natural Allergy Remedies

Spring is officially here TOMORROW! 🌸☀️🌈💐🐣

But with the beautiful spring flowers come tissues. Because the allergies are REAL.

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you know that the symptoms that accompany them are really no joke. Spring allergy symptoms can knock you down harder and faster than the flu at times.

This spring, instead of suffering through runny noses, tissue-burned skin, and throbbing sinus pressure, try these homeopathic remedies!

Nettle Leaf Tea

You may have had an encounter with "stinging nettle" in the past and been less than impressed. But when treated with care and used in a tea, nettle leaf is a potent herb that helps reduce overall inflammation as well as break up mucous living in your head and chest.

Nettle leaf tea is a great option for beginners to holistic remedies because it is widely available in grocery stores and pharmacies and can be sweetened to taste with local honey.

Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint

This triumphant trio is my personal favorite. Not only does it make your space smell bright and fresh when you diffuse these oils together, but any headache and congestion you had is now just a memory.

The immune boosting, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and airway clearing properties of these extracts make the perfect combo to fight against pressure headaches and the congestion that causes them. Plus it'll help you fight off that dreaded allergy-induced-ear-infection.

These oils can be diffused, applied topically (with a carrier oil,) or taken as an easy to swallow capsule! Check out all your options here.

*Only use certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Low quality oils may be dangerous and contain questionable chemicals. Please do not use if you are allergic. Inform your doctor of any and all supplements you are taking.


Ginseng, anyone? Eleuthero is commonly called "Siberian ginseng," but it's not the same things we think of in terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Eleuthero is fantastic at supporting respiratory and immune health- two very important aspects of fighting off seasonal allergies! The more you're able to strengthen the body system itself, the less likely you are to experience symptoms associated with that system.

Eleuthero is a great choice for people who experience coughing, tight chest, or asthma-like symptoms associated with allergies.


It's the sinus headache for me.

Vervain is a beautiful flower that is filled with helpful chemicals that ease headaches, reduce inflammation, and help our bodies relax.

When you have allergies, it can feel like your body is tense and fighting at all times. Vervain might be the answer that we've been looking for!

Bee pollen

This is an upgrade from the old wive's tale that honey helps with allergies! Bee pollen is actually a macronutrient balanced "food" that contains TONS of micronutrients as well.

When used as an allergy remedy, bee pollen and honey may help desensitize you to certain types of pollen that causes seasonal allergies.

Use local honey for a sweetener in your tea, but this year opt for bee pollen to

*If you are severely allergic to pollen, do not consume bee pollen or honey. It should also not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

If you suffer from one or all of those symptoms listed above, then you need to try Spring Care Tea.

This tea packs a powerful punch by including all of the ingredients listed above as well as a few extras! Keep your immune response high and your symptoms at an all time low with this affordable, all-in-one option.

Purchase Spring Care Tea here, and you'll also be supporting local farmers across North America practicing organic and eco-friendly growing methods!

I'm all about working smarter, not harder. Let's save time, money, and frustration this year by incorporating a cup of tea after dinner or to start your day!

I just ordered my own tin for my little fam. I'm making a commitment to try everything I can before reaching for the antihistamines this year.

If you're making the same commitment, take a screenshot of your order or take a photo of your first cup of tea and tag us on Instagram or Facebook to join our #NaturalRemediesFirst challenge and enter for your chance to win a FREE tin of Spring Care Tea from Mountain Rose Herbs!


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