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Reasons Why "New Year's Diets" are Bogus

#1- they just want your money. #2- restrictive eating wires your brain for failure. #3- there are way more than 3 reasons...

First of all I'd like to ask- how in the actual heck is it already the last week of 2020?!

I'm sure many of us are ready to put this year in the past. It was a doozy.

But let's resolve to truly make 2021 better by not falling into the same traps that sneak up this time of year.

Very soon (if you haven't already,) you'll start to see your friends on Facebook and maybe even your gyms or personal trainer starting to push out diet plans and products.

These may be disguised as phrases such as:

"30 day reset"

"New Year's detox"

"Healthy nutrition program"

"Reboot challenges"

Or other vague, eye-catching ideas.

You should also be on the lookout for some of these:

"resolve to stop making resolutions"

"goals that fizzle out by February"

"healthy new lifestyle, not a diet"

Coming from people who have a product/program to sell you and have no real health/fitness/nutrition education.

My job is to educate. Unfortunately, this year that means letting you know that a lot of the diet bandwagons have caught onto us professionals and have started to change their narrative.

Here's the truth on all the health posts you'll see in the coming weeks:

Anything not uniquely designed around you, your health history, and your goals is not designed to help you.

Back to #ReasonsWhyDietsAreBogus- you'll be hard pressed to find an entirely individualized plan unless you are working with an actual health professional.

Supplements, shakes, teas, OnDemand workout libraries, portion containers, collagen builders, the whole 9- they can all be great tools for people who need them...but most people don't need them.

Then they turn into a money pit and you get frustrated when you find out that you didn't get the full picture.

I recently consulted with a friend who had been using supplements from a direct sales business for years. From my calculations, she was spending at least $75-150 each month on products that were actually not aligned with her goals and did not make a difference in her outcome or how she felt internally.

After a look into the ingredients and the benefits she was looking for, I was able to put her on a regimen of higher quality supplements that provided benefit in just over 1 month and only cost $40 for a 2-3 month supply.

#1- They just want your money (the companies/creators, that is.) Some people that sell the products really do believe they're helping people, however; it is dangerous to suggest something that you are not educated on- PERIODT.

I am not a skydiving instructor because I have no background or education in that field, so I will not ever give you advice on best practices to follow when jumping out of an airplane.

Somehow, people don't realize that misguided suggestions on "health products" can be just as devastating.

We've put health in the hands of the public and it has got to stop.

#2- Your brain is *literally* hard-wired to binge things that you tell yourself you "can't eat." That's why none of us like to be told no 😅

All jokes aside- the brain thrives off of moderation. Sometimes it's really hard to have just one cookie and so you eat 3 or 7. But you know what? If you allow yourself to have just one or 3 every few days (and you balance it with lots of veggies, water, complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and unsaturated fats,) you're exponentially less likely to over consume them in the future.

So when you hear someone say "well, I don't eat ____ on my plan but I've lost x pounds," run the other way. Your brain (and body!) will thank you later.

#3- There are literally so many things wrong with the diet mindset.

Food starts to gain moral value of "good" or "bad" instead of being used to nourish your body and be enjoyed.

You develop guilt and shame around certain foods that you used to love.

You no longer see food as a gift that we are able to utilize, and instead demonize it as what is holding you back from your goals.

Exercise becomes a punishment or necessary evil to enjoying food you love instead of being a fun outlet you use to improve your health.

Diets will always tell you there is something better to be chasing after. But it's almost never your optimal place of internal and mental health. Don't you think it's about time we start chasing those goals?

#4- They really truly just don't work.

I mean they do, until they don't.

As previously mentioned, diets are truly designed to keep you on a hamster wheel. Your brain really cannot survive and thrive on a restrictive eating plan.

One day you'll have a cheat meal and your diet will make you feel so guilty that you don't even want to start back up again. Then you feel discouraged, lose sight of your goals, and down the rabbit hole we go.

Then you gain all the weight lost back and decide it's time to try again because it did work for those first few weeks/months- until it didn't anymore.

Friend! There is a better way! You also need to be aware that you should be changing your diet and exercise to meet your needs in phases. You can't go all in right away if you want lasting success. Your body needs new workouts and challenge if you want to overcome the plateau.

How do you do this then? It sounds like magic!

You work with professionals.

Not the shake girl, not the "mom juice" influencer, not the teeny fitness guru that sells a one-size-fits-all program.

Professionals. Who have an education in the topic at hand. Who have experience and understand safe practices. Who care about you as an individual, not just a paycheck.

I'm really not trying to rag on anyone- like I mentioned before, most people think they're helping others. And that desire to help is so admirable.

But I care way too much about you to see 2021 become another year of failed diets and lost hope for you.

You're able to change.

You're able to crush those goals.

Let's go after them together.

If you're needing additional support in breaking the cycle of dieting, check out our Instagram post here- be vulnerable and share your goals with us!

Break the cycle by being honest about where you're at and where you want to go.

I've been reading this book and it contains tangible action steps that you implement in every aspect of your life to become exactly who you want to be.

*I do recommend avoiding the diet advice he gives very briefly in the book (he isn't a nutrition professional, after all 😉) but the content is so juicy and truly helps to transform the goal setting process.

We believe in you! Let your light shine and show those goals who's boss this year!

Wishing you the safest, healthiest, happiest new year yet,

Bailey + the Be Well HWC team 💙


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