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Should I be Eating Seasonally?

Short answer: YES!!!

Did you know that our food cycles nutrients throughout the year?


Seasonal eating can be SO beneficial for our health! Let’s think about it for a second...


🌸Spring: lots of leafy + light options to help our bodies change in composition just enough to be able to better regulate warming temperatures. How cool is that?!


🌞Summer: a plethora of deep greens and bright colors packed with water and vitamin C to keep our bodies balanced and refreshed, while improving absorption of nutrients not as abundant during summer.


🎃Fall: orange everywhereeee! Lots of fiber to prep our tummies for heavy winter meals, and beta carotene to keep our eyes healthy since they won’t get much practice in the dark winter months.


❄️Winter: hearty + dark. Keeps vitamin K + iron levels high to keep our blood from thinning to protect our body temperature and organ function!


So...who’s ready to make some nourishing, fall favorites for dinner next week?!


Check out this blog post to grab the recipes for our fall favorites: warming roasted veggies, a ginger beet + crisp apple salad, and our take on pumpkin crisp that you’ll LOVE! 😋


So, knowing all of that, are you ready to learn what seasonal eating actually means?!

We are offering an all new opportunity for learning how to eat seasonally, save money, and feel better all year round!

Seasonal Sessions- Feel Good Fall℠ will kick off on Monday, October 26- just in time for you to learn how to offset those Halloween treats 😉

If you're spending too much money on groceries, too much time thinking about what to make for dinner, and too much effort trying to find the "right" plan that's going to *finally* get you to your goal weight, Seasonal Sessions is for you.

You will spend three evenings with Bailey learning virtually how to improve your health,

lower your grocery bill, and begin "biohacking" the way your body utilizes nutrients year round.

If you're ready to start taking your life back and reclaiming your health, Feel Good Fall is the place to start.

Join us by 10/21 and receive our #UplevelYourImmuneSystem Foods For Immune Health handout for FREE!

Want to make sure it's the right fit for you before making that $20 investment? We do, too.

Send us a message so that we can help you decide which starting point is best for you!


Did you learn something new today? Leave us a comment and a like if this post was helpful! Screenshot and post or share this link to your social media and tag us (@bewellhwc) for a chance to be featured AND win a discount code for our services and special courses! Don't miss another health hack. Get updates any time we share a new blog by subscribing at the top of the page:

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