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Skin Cancer- What You Need to Know

May is #SkinCancerAwarenessMonth. As we bring May to a close and move into summer, here are a few things you should know about your skin cancer risk!

  1. If you've used a tanning bed even ONCE in your life, you are 75% more likely than the normal population to develop melanoma.

  2. Sun tanning is skin damaging. You skin changes color to protect you from the rays. There is no "healthy" tan.

  3. You are NOT "missing out" on vitamin D by wearing sunscreen (yes, that's a real thing going around 🤦‍♀️)

  4. 42% of all cancer cases could be avoided by modifying risk factors (aka introducing healthier habits)

Those are some pretty startling numbers and facts. But we aren't about scaring people into anything around here.

We believe that true health comes from ADDING health promotion instead of taking things away. That might look like...

  1. Replacing tanning bed use with a massage (redirect those funds!) and my favorite foaming sunless tanner

  2. Basking in the sun for a set amount of time. I still sun tan, and I'll continue to. But I try and limit my time to just a few hours and wear a hat, sunglasses, and light clothing after that

  3. And ALWAYS using sunscreen! Your daily vitamin D needs can be met with just 15 minutes of sun exposure without sunscreen...but we also get vitamin D from some foods. And you can still absorb some through your sunscreen.

  4. Adding in loads of antioxidants and treating your skin with high quality products. A few nutrients in particular have some amazing benefits for our skin!

Skin Care Nutrients:


These help protect the skin and heal the skin barrier. Just like they help heal our immune system and protect us from germs!


Extremely high in tomatoes, lycopene is one nutrient that has been definitively accredited to stopping cancer replication.

🥕Beta Carotene

We know vitamin A (specifically beta carotene) is great for our eyes, but its also awesome for the skin! Consuming beta carotene, antioxidants, and lycopene before sun exposure actually reduces your risk of getting sunburnt 🤯 (but you still need sunscreen!!!!)


These come mostly from wheat, beans, onions, and starchy fruits. You're familiar with GOS foods if you've ever heard of low FODMAP! The prebiotics in these foods actually help reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity, providing a more youthful appearance.

🥛Lactobacillus Johnsonii

A very specific type of probiotic, this one has shown direct support of the gut and skin microbiome. Not all probiotics are created equally and not everyone should be taking a probiotic, but this strain is becoming popular in the skincare world!

If you're interested in reducing your risk of skin cancer, healing previous skin damage, and preventing any new damage (or wrinkles) from appearing, here are your next steps to take:

  • Start incorporating the foods listed above. Healing can always be benefitted by starting on the inside with what we're fueling ourselves with!

  • Get serious about skincare. "Natural" products may not always be the best option for you. Strength, efficiency, cost, sustainability, and medical/professional backing is extremely important when choosing what's right for you.

  • Read the label! Check to see if your skin care contains the nutrients listed above! Be looking for antioxidants (like in this superfood complex line) and vitamin A/beta carotene (like in this oligosaccharide/retinoid filled wrinkle busting line), and even some of those GOSes or probiotics! The "medical/science" piece is crucial here- these ingredients must be stabilized properly in order to retain their efficiency and not grow mold.

  • When in doubt, ask an expert. Check with your personal dermatologist if you have specific concerns and questions. Another resource you can use is this free skin type quiz! Created by Stanford trained dermatologists, this brand is the one I trust and love. You can find your perfect match and start incorporating premium skincare today!

Knowing you're protecting yourself from skin damage is what you really want, isn't it?

Use the links above or send us a message on instagram () to start your skin health journey today.

P.S.- with all the love in my heart, don't forget your sunscreen this weekend 💙🤍❤️


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