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So You're Having a Crab Feast

The question is FINALLY answered: here are the best side dishes to pair with a traditional East Coast summer favorite!

(They're also great for any kind of cookout, but ya know...#MarylandPride is kind of a big deal 😉❤️💛🖤🤍)

Best Ever Potato Salad:


-5-10 small/medium red potatoes

-1c plain Greek yogurt

-1/8c olive oil

-3tbsp red wine vinegar

-4 hard-boiled eggs (chopped)

-Salt + pepper (to taste)

-Dill (fresh or dried, to taste)


-Try this homemade mayo recipe, but use olive oil instead of suggested

oils + omit sugar. Use about 1c to replace yogurt + oil.

*Health Benefits*

-Complex carbohydrates to fill you up + give you energy, high in potassium

-Protein, probiotics for gut health

-Healthy fat source

-Contains antioxidants, helps promote detoxification processes in the body

-Replace sodium lost from sweating, aid in body detoxification

-Relieves gas in adults + babies (colic), gut health promotion through yeast

+ lactic acid bacteria inhibition

-Dairy free (for dietary restrictions), less additives than store bought, healthy

fat source


-Dice potatoes into bite-size chunks. Add to water + boil (don't forget to salt

your water for sodium + to prevent over-boiling!)

-Once potatoes are cooked through, drain them + transfer to a large bowl

-Add your yogurt + oil (or homemade mayo), vinegar, and spices and mix

-Once mixed well, if the mixture looks too dry add a bit more vinegar + oil if


-Add egg pieces last + gently mix in. Allow to cool to room temperature.

-Can serve hot or cold. *Always cool to room temp before moving to the


Mind Blowing Kale Salad:


-Fresh kale

-Olive oil

-Red wine vinegar



-Grated parmesan cheese

-Fresh cracked pepper, other spices if desired

*Health Benefits*

-High in fiber, vitamins A, K, B6, and C, calcium, + other nutrients

-Healthy fat source

-Contains antioxidants, helps promote detoxification processes in the body

-High in antioxidants, promote unrinary tract + kidney health

-Clean protein source, healhty fat source

-Sodium, probiotics

-Spices (herbs + peppercorn) contain no calories but tons of health benefits


-Destem + chop kale into bite-size pieces. Add to a large bowl

-Add equal parts vinegar + oil to a small bowl (amounts vary depending on

quantity of kale used). Add black pepper + other herbs as well as

parmesan + whisk together. The mixture should look a bit cloudy.

-Pour the dressing onto the kale + massage onto the leaves for about 2

minutes to tenderize the kale

-Add no more than 1c each craisins + pistachios, and no more than 1/2c

more parmesan + mix well. Top with cracked pepper if desired

Cooler Corn on the cob:


-Corn on the cob

*Health Benefits*

-Good source of fiber, aids in digestion

-Literally so easy, a.k.a. reduces stress + fatigue 😉


-Thoroughly clean a large cooler with safe-to-eat cleansers (we use this kind)

-Once cleaned, dried, and wiped down with a clean paper towel, add the

cobs (whole or broken in half for smaller pieces) to the cooler

-Boil enough water to cover the corn + pour into the cooler

-Close the lid tightly + do not remove for 30 minutes


-Check doneness (use tongs please) at 30 minutes. If not finised, return to

cooler + replace lid, checking every 15 minutes until cooked desirably

Superpower Baked Beans:


-2 cans pinto beans

-1/2c brown sugar

-2tbsp soy sauce

-1tbsp turmeric

-1tbsp crushed red pepper flakes

-1 clove fresh garlic

-1tbsp thyme (fresh sprigs are easier to remove)

-1/2in piece of fresh ginger

-Salt + pepper

*Health Benefits*

-Clean source of protein, fiber, and folate

-Treat food! Having sugar in *small* amounts can help reduce cravings +

the urge to binge sugary foods

-Sodium + electrolytes

-Powerful antioxidant + anti-inflammatory herb

-Improves circulation + lymphatic drainage, promotes heart health

-Contains allicin, a powerful antioxidant that helps regulate blood pressure,

blood sugar, and heart rate

-Supports healthy immune system

-Aids in digestion


-Drain + rinse your beans. Add them to a small saucepan w/ 1 canful of

water. Heat on medium heat

-Add brown sugar once the water is heated + stir quickly to dissolve. Bring

to a boil.

-Once boiling, reduce heat to a simmer + add other spices. Cook about 10


-If, once cooked, you are not pleased with the consistency, sprinkle in AP or

almond flour + stir briskly to thicken the sauce.

Veggie Kabobs:


-Any vegetables you like! (We typically use bell pepper, portobello

mushrooms, white onion, squash, zucchini, and sometimes tomato!)

-Kebab skewers (metal or wood will work)

*Health Benefits*

-Plenty of fiber, water content, and nutrients to balance your meal


-If using wooden skewers, SOAK THEM IN WATER for 30mins-1hr before

adding veggies + placing on the grill. Dry wood will catch fire + ruin your

meal, guaranteed.

-Cut veggies into similar sized pieces, 1sq in usually works pretty well.

-After the skewers are washed or soaked, gently slide veggie chunks onto

skewers. Be especially careful if using mushrooms + tomatoes so as to not

crush them.

-If desired, brush veggies with a sauce or marinade + place on the grill

-PLEASE watch your food. Grilling isn't an exact science and food will be

done at different times depending on temperature. Once the veggies start

to get more tender and have grill marks, check doneness

-Serve with leftover sauce or maridnade for dipping!

These dishes will not only round out your meal and fill you up (let's be honest, crabs are amazing but you could pick them for 5 hours and never get full #changemymind), but they also pack powerful punches of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients!

Share your photos with us when you make one (or a few!) of these recipes. Tag us (@bewellhwc) on social media in your feed or stories for a chance to be featured on our page!

Happy cookout season! Stay safe and be well, friends!

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