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Spice It Up for Valentine's Day!

Spice, spice, baby!

I really never liked Valentine's Day. But this year, I have a bit of a different outlook.

2020 was NOT kind. So yes, we should be focusing on love every day and not just once a year when everything is pink and heart-shaped but dang it, even if it is cliché, we deserve every day we can get to celebrate silly "holidays" and be happy and spread love.

So let's take advantage and spice it up. Both figuratively and literally!

A healthy lifestyle includes healthy relationships and mindsets as well.

Here are a few ways to improve those this Valentine's Day!

✨The Figurative Spice✨

In any relationship, it is incredibly important to understand the other person and maintain an open line of communication. This goes for friendships, parental relationships, and romantic ones.

One amazing tool for that is learning love languages!

The love languages are:

physical touch | gifts | quality time | words of affirmation | acts of service

These are the different ways in which we naturally give and receive love. And more often than not, your love language is different than those you love.

And loving in a way that's not natural to you can be a bit...different.

When you don't have love languages, your relationship can feel a lot like a difficult puzzle.

Everything feels right- you're in love and you enjoy your person, but there's a disconnect. You start to get upset and resentful because you're doing so much to serve your partner but it feels like they don't appreciate any of it.

That's not true. They just don't know how to receive what you're giving.

I challenge you this Valentine's Day to sit down and have a conversation. Take a Love Languages quiz, read the book together, but have an open conversation about how you both love and want to be loved.

I promise that will do WAY more for your love than Valentine's Day magic will!

Now for the literal spice 🌶🪴🧄

Herbs and spices can be great for all kinds of things, including boosting your mood and your physical capabilities 😉

✨The Literal Spice✨

Fresh, frozen, and dried herbs are a great way to add phytonutrients into your meals. Here are a couple to try!

🌱Basil- highly anti-viral

🍠Turmeric- #1 most powerful anti-inflammatory food

🌶Capsaicin- from red peppers, aids in circulation

🧄Garlic- anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antilipidemic, anti-cancer, antiasthmatic

🌿Fennel- increases libido, aid in digestion, may possess antimicrobial action

fresh herbs, rosemary, sage, thyme

There are tons more herbs that have tons more benefit. Not only do they make food more tasty and reduce the need for flavoring from fats, but as you can see, they are also an easily incorporated way to add health promotion to any meal!

*Spices should be used frequently, but with caution. Too much of any good thing isn't always a good thing.

✨If you need to learn a little more about how to spice it up...

in the kitchen AND in serving your partner how they need it, then join us for our Valentine's Couple's Cooking Classes!

Saturday and Sunday, February 13-14, Bailey + Tyler are hosting a virtual cooking class to teach you how to make some killer meals, save some money on groceries, and stack up some healthier cooking tips.

Look forward to juicy marinated salmon with lemon parmesan asparagus and cheesy orzo on Saturday with health promoting brownies for desert.

Start planning out your Sunday night dinner with perfectly cooked steak and scallops, balsamic roasted broccoli, decadent scalloped potatoes, and fresh homemade chocolate covered strawberries.

And- if you save your seat before 02/12/2021, you'll gain entries to win a $30 grocery gift card giveaway!

Questions?! Leave us a comment or send a message now! Spaces are limited and will fill fast.


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