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The 4 day clarification process to see if your gut is on a solid foundation, or if it’s relying on shaky stilts.

Your gut is responsible for the majority of your immune system, a large part of your hormone loops, and you already know about the gut-brain connection...

So if your gut health isn't in check, the rest of those things may be suffering, too. But don't worry!


By the end of this challenge, you will know for sure if it's your gut you need to work on, or if there's another influencing factor stealing your energy and making you achey.


This digital course includes a 4 day meal plan, 4  training videos (15-20 minutes), and a workbook to track your progress and get clear on your goals.

It is self paced, and you can reach out to Bailey at any time with questions or next steps after the challenge.

You will receive everything above in an email once you purchase the course!

4 Days to Better Gut Health

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