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Our First Masterclasses are Launching!

Health coaching is about to get a MAJOR makeover.

What is Be Well Health and Wellness Consultants? What do we do? What is a masterclass? Is it a lot of money? Help???

I hear you! I know it can get a little confusing 😅

Here's a short answer to clear the air:

  • Be Well Health and Wellness Consultants is a nutritional counseling and wellness coaching small business. Our owner is based in the DMV area, but our team is spread across the U.S. and all our services can be conducted virtually!

  • We offer many individual services including meal planning, grocery shopping assistance, and fitness consultations, but we also have other services more suitable for group settings.

  • Our masterclasses are comprehensive wellness services (meal planning, fitness planning, group coaching, accountability groups, etc.) offered with specific groups of people in mind. We have one just for moms, one for guys, one for desk job workers- you get the point! Check them all out at

  • ALL of our services are hand crafted by nutrition and fitness professionals and personalized for the client- health is not one-size-fits-most!

  • Our individual services, bundles, and masterclasses are all priced competitively with other nationally recognized weight loss/wellness programs. The major difference is that you get a whole lot more in terms of options and attention when you book with Be Well HWC!

The above reasons are why we are SO excited to launch our first round of masterclasses this coming weekend!

Here's what's available:

  1. Desk Job Jumpstart Masterclass, beginning 6/5/2020

  2. TrendyGirl Masterclass, beginning 6/6/2020

Both masterclasses have limited availability. Use the links above to register, or contact us for a FREE program placement. We will help you choose what's best for your body!

We hope you snag one of the founding spots before they're all gone! We REALLY want to see you start loving your body again!!

🚨Join our LIVE Q&A session on Wednesday, 6/3/2020! Follow the link below and RSVP for your chance to win our Grand Re-opening Be Well Bundle giveaway! 🚨

Have you booked a session yet? Let us know in the comments! Questions about our services and masterclasses can also be asked in the comments section.

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