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Welcome to the New Wave of Wellness!

Is this real life?! Just in case it is, I guess I better get to it.

My name is Bailey French, owner and CEO of Be Well Health and Wellness Consultants. I'm writing this post just 4 weeks before my twenty-first birthday to let you know that my nutritional counseling and wellness coaching business is *officially* open for business.

The vast majority of our content will revolve around healthy living, wellness tips + tricks, actually healthy recipes (that also taste great!), and other total body wellness stuff, but I wanted to write a short post to introduce you to Be Well and personally invite you to be a part of our community!

Be Well Health and Wellness consultants was created in 2018. Being quite honest, almost everything about this business idea has changed since its inception. The one thing that has never wavered is the mission- to help people reclaim their confidence, remember their worth, and start adding value to their lives. I truly believe that everyone has the right and the ability to be healthy, but I also think that this space has become overly populated by people just wanting to get popular. It is SO important to get your health information from a professional of the field. True health is a thing of beauty, balance, and respect for self. Not only will our methods help you look great, but we will also help you live your very best and healthiest life.

The whole notion of this business is a nod to my mom, a stage 4 ovarian cancer survivor. After living the reality of being a kid with a sick parent, I became enamored with all the ways that we can heal our bodies. It started with pharmaceuticals, but took a hard left into the world of nutrition and holistic medicine. Once I started doing the research on what this was all about and all the ways I could help, it was game over. I began an accelerated program with Purdue University Global to become the most well-educated person in my area on nutrition as it relates to physical wellness. The more I learned, the more I fell in love with the study of food. The more I researched, the more I knew I needed to break into this space and shatter the mold that has been telling us for years that physical appearance is more important than what is going on internally.

Long story short, I graduated in

April of 2020 with a Bachelor's degree

in Nutritional Science and a

burning desire to change the face of the

wellness coaching world as we know it.

Be Well HWC is NOT:

  • a get skinny quick plan

  • the answer to *all* your problems (only most of them!!)

  • a fad diet

  • a program that's going to take your money and not produce sustainable results

Be Well HWC IS:

  • customized wellness for individuals, small groups, and corporate groups

  • comprehensive nutritional analysis for your unique body

  • focused on getting you HEALTHY, not skinny (that part comes second)

  • educated, effective coaching that is affordable for everyone

Food is medicine. Mindset is essential. Health trumps looks every day of the week.

I'm not saying we won't help you reach your physical goals, because friend, that is what we were created to do! That's how you reclaim your confidence!

What I am saying is that we will teach you how to eat well while still enjoying what you're eating. We will teach you how foods break down in your body and why you should or should not be eating them. We will teach you how to truly care for yourself without becoming obsessed with avoiding a disease or losing the weight.

We will teach you how to be healthy and set you up for a lifetime of wins.

And there you have it! A little bit about me and my business baby.

Thank you for visiting our site and allowing us the opportunity to work with you. My team and I are incredibly excited and passionate about helping you take hold of every single thing you want out of life.

Welcome to Be Well Health and Wellness Consultants. We are honored to be a part of your story.

To get started today, please visit our services, masterclasses, and wellness bundles pages, or contact us to decide which path is best for you.

Love always,


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