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SPRING Into Confidence!

There's a lot of buzz going on right now about body positivity. There's also a lot of shame about wanting to change your body and focus on your healthiest lifestyle.

I'm here to tell you today that YOU CAN DO BOTH!

You can love and accept yourself and still want the best for yourself. You can feel fantastic in a size 22 and still set a goal to drop a few sizes.

YOU get to decide what feels good for YOUR body.

BUT (big, big but here)-

you don't reserve the right to make ANYONE else feel poor about THEIR choices.

We're all adults here. We make our own decisions. Just like last night when I made the decision to skip candy before dinner because I'd rather have extra ice cream after dinner 😏😂

If someone wants to start eating a salad every day, that's their choice. It doesn't mean they hate themselves.

If someone wants to eat fast food twice a day every day, that's their choice. It doesn't mean they hate themselves.

Your priorities will not always be someone else's priorities and that is okay.

Not everyone wants to change their body or focus on health promotion, and that's okay. My purpose is to help those who want to work with a trained expert to better understand nutrition and how to prevent disease. But I can still support and cheer on the people who don't fall into that category.

So- if you are one of those people who is focused on getting to your healthiest self AND loving yourself at every stage of the journey, then join us in Supercharged Spring℠ starting this coming Monday!

Here's what you'll get for JUST $21 if you join today, April 16:

-Specific calorie calculations for your needs and goals

-Resources to find local produce and save $$ on your groceries

-Exercise suggestions to burn fat more efficiently

-A community to cheer you on and celebrate your beautiful body

-BONUS Recipe Catalog just for showing up and investing time in yourself!

Confidence isn't built overnight, and that's why we're giving you access to the recorded sessions for one month after the final training. You can rewatch and continue practicing these new healthy habits day after day to be completely unrecognizable this time next month.

You're worth it. You deserve this. Don't just exist- dare to thrive.


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