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Better Than Store-Bought

We all know some of our favorite snacks could be a little bit healthier...but did you know that they're SUPER easy to make yourself?!

Here are a few easy, healthy, simple recipes to add in your rotation and kick additives to the curb!



-Fruits of choice (bananas, apples, pears, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, etc.)

-Greens of choice (spinach, kale, beet greens, etc.)

-Veggies of choice (carrots, peas, green beans, cauliflower, etc.)


-Honey or maple syrup

Health Benefits:

-Antioxidants, potassium, vitamins A + C- fruits contain TONS of nutrients depending on what you decide to use!

-Vitamins K, A, + D, iron, magnesium- again, greens are highly nutritious in many categories!

-Vitamins A + E, retinol, antioxidants, complex carbohydrates, and other nutrients/phytochemicals to promote health


-Peel and cook any fruits and veggies that need it to be softened like apples, carrots, and cauliflower (use whatever you want in your mix!)

-Add your desired ingredients to a blender. Start with 1/4c water and work your way up if you need it. Your mixture should be thick, but you want to make sure it has some ability to slide.

-Once the mixture is coursely ground, add your sweetener of choice up to 1/4c. Continue to blend until smooth, adding water as needed.

-*This should be thicker than a smoothie. It can also be a little chunkier

-Store in small sealable jars or you can purchase reusable squeeze pouches on amazon!



-2 cans chickpeas

-1c tahini (purchase glass jars if possible + store in refrigerator)

-2tbsp olive oil

-3 lemons (juiced)

-Seasonings/herbs of choice (basil, oregano, and crushed red pepper all have amazing health benefits

-1-3 cloves garlic

-*Can sub out garlic + seasonings for maple syrup/honey and cacao powder, cinnamon, banana, etc. for a dessert style hummus!

Health Benefits:

-Clean source of protein, complex carbohydrates for energy

-High in protein, vitamins B + E, high in magnesium for muscle health

-Heart healthy fat source

-Vitamin C for immune health, folate for brain health, and leutein for optical health

-Seasonings like basil and oregano have highly anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti-biotic properties, crushed red pepper helps improve circulation, turmeric supports + improves healthy circulation + inflammatory response

-Garlic has cleansing properties and also aids in digestion


-In a food processor, combine fresh squeezed lemon juice and tahini. Mix until it starts to look creamy/frothy

-Add chickpeas and garlic and begin to blend

-As the mixture comes together, slowly add olive oil through the open hole in the top of your food processor. This will help the mixture come together and look like the hummus we know and love

-Add seasonings when mixture is almost finished blending

-Once at desired consistency, transfer to an air tight container and store for up to 3 weeks in the fridge. Serve with pita chips, grain-based crackers, pretzels, veggies, and more!



-12-grain or 15-grain bread

-Olive oil

-Garlic salt, black pepper, italian seasoning, crushed red pepper, nutritional yeast

Health Benefits:

-High in fiber and complex carbohydrates to giv you energy and support healthy digestion

-Heart healthy fat source, brain-supporting omega fatty acids

-All seasonings listed above aid in circulation, digestion, and nutritional yeast adds a dairy-free cheesy flavor as well as brain-boosting B vitamins


-Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F

-Add olive oil and seasonings to a small bowl and mix together

-With a basting brush or spoon, lightly coat each side of the bread cubes with oil mixture. You can pour it over the cubes and toss, but I recommend NOT adding them to the bowl and mixing- some will be soggy and some won't get evenly coated

-Spread evenly on a baking sheet and place in the oven. Bake for at least 10-15 minutes, checking often. Done time will depend on how crunchy you like your croutons- just keep an eye out so they don't burn!

-Allow to cool and transfer to an air-tight container or bag. For best results/crunc, allow to cool all the way before eating

-*To warm croutons before eating, toss them in a frying pan with a small amount of olive oil or margarine until warmed

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